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Most crypto enthusiasts in today’s market learnt about cryptocurrency only after the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, which has made it one of the most well-known asset. But now, retail investors are starting to look for alternatives to bitcoin that provide more or at least similar value. Various alternative currencies have come and gone but none of them was without issues – which is the very reason Samcoin (SMC) was developed in the first place.

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SMC Features

. It is a mineable decentralized crypto that allows fast, secure and almost free transactions, with the goal of becoming one of the most used coin for online purchases. This global payment network is decentralized, meaning it has no central authorities, hence making the transactions safer than ever. The SamCoin wallet is designed to be highly secure yet user-friendly for every class of investors, even the beginners. Samcoin uses Tenebrix’s Scrypt Proof of Work that allows the mining of SamCoin. All these factors combined make SamCoin way more practical than other alternatives of Bitcoin. And not just the alternatives, there are factors where SamCoin even trespasses the Bitcoin itself. High transaction fees with Bitcoin limit trading to large goods, and long transaction times take the wind out of Bitcoin’s sails –this is where Bitcoin fails in practicality. The Samcoin blockchain is capable of handling a much higher volume of transactions, at a far lower transaction fee than its Bitcoin counterpart. Another arena where SamCoin surpasses Bitcoin is the usage for small merchants. SMC’s faster confirmations may not be as secure as Bitcoin’s slower transactions, but they definitely more convenient for small merchants who care about speed more than security. SamCoin is mineable and miners are currently rewarded with 150 new coins per block, and that decreases with time. SamCoin’s generation is functioned to properly mimic Bitcoin’s generation process which is halved every 210,000 blocks, whereas Samcoin generation is halved every 8,400,000 blocks. If you do the math, Samcoin is scheduled to produce about 14 times as many coins as Bitcoin, with a maximum supply of 290 million Samcoin. More importantly, all of this is just the start. The developers of SamCoin have planned to set a cryptocurrency exchange where SamCoin will be one of the main payment options; thus, increasing the circulation of token. The team also aims to launch partnerships where SamCoin will be used for online purchases. With significant industry support, trading volume, liquidity, and faster and economical transactions, Samcoin is a proven trading medium to complement, if not compete Bitcoin. Happy Trading!


Samcoin Mining

SamCoin is done by specialized computers. The role of miners is to secure the network and to process every Samcoin transaction.


Secure Transaction

SamCoin's use of a distributed ledger known as blockchain gives owners a record of all their transactions that cannot be tampered.


Secure Wallet

The SamCoin wallet is designed to be highly secure yet simple to use for crypto investors at any level, particularly beginners to buying it.


Quick & Fastest

All the transections of the Samcoin are highly encrypted and secured.