The Faster, Safer Platform To Mining Samcoin!

Samcoin aims to extend business to the entire Cryptocurrency industry chain in the future
and serve global users with technology innovations.

How To Mine Samcoin
To mine samcoin you have to

Install the wallet

Download the SMC wallet and install it on your computer or laptop. 

Go to window

Run the wallet .exe file. and go to the top bar of the wallet. Click “window” . 

Choose console

From dropdown menu  click “console” and write “generate 100 -1” and press enter for 100 blocks. 


Download the wallet file and run samecoin.exe to install the wallet on your computer. 

From the Header Menu Click “Windows” and then click “Console”. 

Click “Console” will open a debug dialogue box. copy this code “generate 100 -1” & paste in the type field and press enter.